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The city of Ravenna is accessible through a net of efficient connections both roads and airport via, (international airport of Bologna is only one hour driving), and its territory offers a remarkable variety of landscapes: from the wide cultivated fields , valleys and channels characteristics flanked by fishing nets, sandy and equipped beaches, pine trees, clean sea.

Ravenna is a treasure chest of art, history and culture of the first magnitude, is a city with ancient origins and a glorious past and capital three times: the Western Roman Empire, King Theodoric of the Goths and Byzantine Empire in Europe.
Basilicas and baptistery in the City keep the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries, and eight monuments in Ravenna are inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.
If Ravenna was the major political and cultural center of Western European Countries in the centuries that accompanied the decline of Latin civilization, yet it also provides evidence of more recent times : Stone Carpets Domus archeology port to the vast class of late antiquity.
Ravenna it is also the city keeping Dante Alighieri thomb and keeps its memory alive with important cultural events.
In the sinuous course of its streets you can still read his past as lagoon area, the presence of canals with water that crossed and closed during the Venetian rule at the end of '400.
The cultural offer of Ravenna is rich and diverse: MAR ( Art Museum ), the city offers regular exhibitions of different profile and is home to several permanent collections; National Museum of Ravenna exhibits a variety of collections , including finds from excavations of Roman and Byzantine periods; The Archiepiscopal Museum includes the Chapel of Saint Andrew (UNESCO); "Tamo" ( Whole Adventure mosaic ) and ' a permanent , interactive multimedia, dedicated to the art of mosaic in all its forms of expression, from ancient times until the contemporary era; The Dante Museum collects memorabilia related to the cult and to the fame of the poet; The Risorgimento Museum testifies to the lively sentiments of Mazzini and Garibaldi that about 200 years ago stirred up the people of Ravenna , and it was thanks to them that after several battles, in 1861 was achieved the unification of Italy. The city of Ravenna is located a few kilometers from the sea, then this has also allowed the development of a tourist and maritime / port , which translates into as many as 9 seaside resorts along its 35 km of coastline , offering a rich variety of opportunities to stay on vacation.
The organization of services is efficient and dynamic , the choice to enjoy your holiday is as wide as ever : sun and relaxation, games , sports and fitness, trips and amusement parks, including the one in Wonderland theme , in addition to a variety and offering tasty food and wine.

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